Thanks to the incredible support we have received from around the world we are now on our journey to transform The Gun into a thriving community pub and hub.    Thank You.


August 12th 2020

Run The Gun? 

After a successful community buyout we are looking for a management couple to come and run The Gun at Ridsdale. An amazing opportunity to take over a completely renovated and refitted Pub, Coffee Shop and Restaurant in a stunning location, fully supported by the village community. Expressions of interest please to RidsdaleCommunityGroup@gmail.com

 MAY 28th 2020

We are incredibly delighted, relieved and a little overwhelmed to tell you that the purchase of The Gun Inn is now complete - IT IS OURS!

We simply cannot thank you enough. We sincerely hope you will take a moment to appreciate and take pride in what you have made possible. Raise a glass to yourselves. Thank You!!


May 22nd 2020

Completion imminent!

We hope to bring you great news in the coming days.

We want to try and fully exploit the opportunity presented of being able to work on a closed pub, based upon recently updated lockdown guidelines, without the pressure of needing to be open.

April 2020

We are delighted to say that the money raised has now reached over £236,000 and we are absolutely knocked out by this generosity. It is incredible that despite all that is going on in the world people have remained so brilliant in their support. Thank You!
Clearly the impact of the corona virus means that conveyancing has slowed considerably, plus we are watching events very carefully.

March 16th 2020

Thank you to everyone who has paid for their community shares - genuinely appreciated! To the few remaining can we PLEASE ask that you make payment asap.

Conveyancing for the purchase of The Gun is well underway and we continue to make plans for refurbishment.

MARCH 3rd 2020

FINALLY! We now have card facilities - please see the Payments page!

Feb 26th 2020

Once again the wheels of commerce move very slowly and  its never as simple as it should be. Still awaiting the correct set up for card payments. We would urge that if you can do a bank transfer please do - it is also much cheaper for us.

Feb 20th 2020

We hope to have card facilities available on Monday - we will send an email out to confirm. Thank you very much for everyones patience.

Feb 7th 2020

The Paypal link is still not working - please bear with us!

Feb 6th 2020

We seem to be having an issue with payments via the Paypal link. Apologies - we are contacting Paypal to get this fixed.

January 30th 2020 

Today we have emailed everyone who kindly pledged and offered donations, asking for the money! Lets buy a pub!

JANUARY 27th 2020

Bank Account Open

Just heard that our Share Documents have now been awarded the Community Standard mark so we are just making the final changes.

We plan to ask for pledged money this week...at last!

JANUARY 21st 2020

We have finally received word that our bank account will be open within 48 hours - progress!!

JANUARY 11th 2020

It seems that each step holds up the next one...!

Although applied for in good time, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration only completed end of December. This meant we could finally apply for a bank account and this - we are assured - is being fast tracked, but of course Christmas and New Year holidays have delayed it.

Once we have the bank account details we will also need a PayPal account so that pledges can be accepted via card payments as well as bank transfers.

Meanwhile, as best practice dictates, our Share Documents offer is being appraised by The Plunkett Foundation to receive an approval stamp.

Once these steps are completed we will email the official Share Docs and ask for the pledges to be paid.

Our steering group is busy with refurbishment planning so that once the Gun Inn is purchased we can immediately proceed with improvements.


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